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5 effective tips to stimulate hair regrowth
  Date : 24-07-2024

Feature Desk : Hair loss is a common concern worldwide, affecting individuals of all ages. While some hair shedding is normal with age, many men experience excessive hair loss and thinning, leading to concerns about receding hairlines and bald patches. This issue can be attributed to various factors, such as genetics, hormonal changes or underlying medical conditions. For many, hair loss can significantly impact confidence and self-esteem, highlighting the importance of addressing this issue effectively.

What are the factors that could lead to hair loss?

1. Stress: Chronic stress can lead to several health problems and one of them is hair loss.

2. Genetics: It is one of the most common reasons for hair loss. The genes you inherit from your parents play an important role in your hair growth. If your parents or grandparents have ever experienced hair loss, there is a high chance that you might face it too.

3. Medications: Several medicines that are used to treat heart problems, arthritis, depression or cancer can have major side effects and could lead to hair loss.

4. Lifestyle patterns: Unhealthy eating and bad habits like smoking or drinking can lead to hair thinning or even hair loss.

5. Chemicals: Applying too much chemical, like gel, wax, spray or heat, to your hair for a longer period of time can also result in permanent damage. Regular use of styling gels might cause hair loss as they impact sebum production, which helps keep our scalp moist and protects hair from roots.

The question often arises: can we regrow our hair? While full restoration may not always be possible, there are steps one can take to prevent further hair loss and promote regrowth.

1. Reduce Stress: Do things that you enjoy the most, like swimming, watching movies, reading, listening to music or anything else, as your emotional and physical well-being impacts your hair growth. Learning how to manage your emotional stress may reduce hair loss or thinning.

2. Change your diet: Hair loss is a major symptom of iron-deficiency anaemia. Adding food options that are rich in nutrients, vitamins and proteins could help you get back your hair back. Sources of iron that you can add to your diet are- Eggs, Dry fruits, Dried beans, Oysters, salmon, etc.

3. Try using supplements: There are several supplements or serums easily available on the market, like biotin and folic acid that could treat hair loss. Consult a health expert before using any supplements or serums.

4. Natural methods: Some easy home remedies can also help you regrow your hair naturally. These may include massaging pumpkin seeds or tea tree oil to your scalp or applying aloe vera.

5. Avoid excessive heating: Avoid blow-drying your hair, as it could cause permanent damage to your scalp. Instead, let your hair dry naturally.

Source: News18

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