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My main goal is to form an honest hard working, business nation: Md Anamul Haque
  Date : 25-07-2024

MM Rahmatullah: Md. Anamul Haque, Managing Director of Huzaifa Enterprize, also known as Anam Sir, who has taken on a huge challenge in distracting himself from the thought of forming a business nation, from the top of fame in the teaching profession. He has been doing business with high reputation for more than 25 years. The man, who has worked hard in his personal life since 25 years, has taken on a huge challenge in importing, exporting and investing in business as well as thinking of forming a business nation. He has traveled many countries including UAE, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Philippines, Nepal, and India etc. for business purposes. One of the goals of Md. Anamul Haque sir is to do big business in the export sector by 2021 and establish a businessman as a country. In addition to his BSS (Honors) MSS and Bed degree under the National University, he has many international credentials related to Business Diploma, Computer Diploma, Business and Entrepreneurship. Md Anamul Haque is working inhuman to create an honest working, business nation with his available experience in international trade including import, export, intending and supply to the people of Bangladesh. In a recent interview with The Muslim Times, he talked about various issues and possibilities for forming Bangladesh a business nation. The magnet part of the interview was highlighted for readers. Interview has been taken by MM Rahmatullah, Executive Editor of The Muslim Times.


The Muslim Times: Assalamu Alaikum. How are you?

Huzaifa Enterprize: Wa Alaikumus Salam Wa Rahmatullah. Alhamdulillah, I`m excellent fine.

The Muslim Times: When and how the Journey of Huzaifa Enterprize started?

Huzaifa Enterprize: The year 2013 is a very important time in my life. When I was in the teaching profession, at that time I had a huge popularity by the name of Anam sir. I also had 2 Institutions at that moment, you knew me. As a popular teacher, I was also involved in the publishing business. At that time, there were some disasters in my life. However, the disaster started in the 2011. But in 2012, it was go more worst. When I came in I thought, "How about doing business?"

From this thought it came to mind, the Honorable Prime Minister always welcome the exporters, presented the national export trophy. I dared to dream that. Just then I started working.

The Muslim Times: How did the thought of forming a business nation come to your mind, where most people in this country do not have a happy business experience?

Huzaifa Enterprize: I have gone to many places for learning import export business. But no one was interested in teaching anything. When I asked for any information, they would not say it. I didn`t get a clear idea about a single thing even though I went multiple times various places. Then thought came in my mind, who is offering training? First on the quest in training, I got some ideas but many remain unknown. First I went to BD jobs then DCCI, SCITTI, SME Foundation and many other institutions for training. There I found very little.

Then it seemed, this task is so difficult? Then I thought of teaching business starting an event on social media. Our prophet Hazrat Mohammad (SM) was a businessman. The first wife of the Prophet (peace be upon him), Ummul Mu`mineen Khadijatul Kubra, was also a businesswoman. Isalam encourages business. Every stastics also shows business is the only way to make Bangladesh developed. So we decided to make the country developed.

Although most people in this country do not think of being a businessman. Everyone wants to be good high officials, Officers, practitioners, doctors, engineers, Imams of the mosque, Khateeb, great scholar, specialist or speaker, even Islamic scholar. But no one talks about being a businessman or anyone outside the business family dreams of becoming a businessman. Outside the mosque we have a life. Even many scholars do not think so. In fact, Almighty Allah is calling upon the world to give importance to both in the earth and Hereafter. And by doing business, it is possible to balance both. So I started working with the slogan of creating a business nation. And in our first training program we went beyond expectations. Although the establish businessmen were unhappy for informing business info’s directly. They told me that I am leaking all the secrets of the business. I explained to them that Allah is the giver of Rizik. So many businessmen mean many opportunities.

The Muslim Times: What are the main obstacles to forming a business nation in this country?

Huzaifa Enterprize: In fact, people are changing over time. In the field of action, not all people have the same thought and character. Although there is no state barrier, there are some obstacles at individual levels; which we have accepted.

The Muslim Times: How do you think the current government is taking business?

Huzaifa Enterprize: The honorable Prime Minister of the present government and the Ministers of Finance & Commerce are giving great importance for creating new businessmen. They also want people to get into business more & more.

The Muslim Times: What made you so popular in such a short period of time?

Huzaifa Enterprize: I think there are two reasons. Most people in this country confuse professionalism with business. Some are more commercial. That is, being a commercial is paying a fee but not getting the service properly. People are being deceived. They couldn`t learn the perfect thing even with the money. On the other hand, in the field of professionalism People are willing to pay for the right things but are not deprived of it. That is why people are willing to pay. We have tried to explain two things to people differently. We want people to get the right service from the professionals by giving. the money.

The Muslim Times: Apart from training, what other activities do you conduct to help young entrepreneurs? What else is giving them the opportunity?

Huzaifa Enterprize: I started my business before I started training. I mainly do Export, Import and intending business.

The Muslim Times: How many entrepreneurs have you trained so far?

Huzaifa Enterprize: From the beginning we have trained about 2000 entrepreneurs so far.

The Muslim Times: How do you get response to Door-to-Door service?

Huzaifa Enterprize: There are benefits in some cases, but everything is open here; that`s why we`re discouraged Door-to-Door Service.

The Muslim Times: What is the biggest challenge facing as the Managing Director of Huzifa Enterprise in building a business nation in this country?

Huzaifa Enterprize: With the establishment of the Huzaifa Enterprize, we have in fact taken a major challenge willingly. We live in a country where there are many people trying for the job in that country. Most people are willing to marry their beautiful daughters to 4th grade job holders, rather than marrying a businessman. We want to change the situation. Alhamdulillah, now many are changed.

The Muslim Times: Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Huzaifa Enterprize: I would like to see myself as a CIP by 2021. I want to take the export trophy from the Prime Minister by 2022 and do something more for making all unemployed into workforce in the next 5 years. Of course I want to make a victory stage for business entrepreneurs every year for recognizing them,

The Muslim Times: Say something to the young reader`s of the Muslim Times. What should they do at the end of their study, job or business?

Huzaifa Enterprize: Of course business. You see you have come to a businessman like me without going to high officials. It is clear that you prefer a businessman more than a job holder. But it is also important to prepare yourself for the matter.

The Muslim Times: Thank you very much, sir.

Huzaifa Enterprize: Thank you too.






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